The MX-30 is set to take Mazda in a new direction with its electric powertrain, innovative design, and pioneering cabin.

Story Graham Hope

The all-new Mazda MX-30 is a groundbreaking car in many respects, and that is particularly true of the cabin, which delivers a creative space that aims to inspire owners to use their vehicle in new ways. Mazda based its design approach for the MX-30 on a theme it calls “human modern,” and the most obvious result of this is the inclusion of freestyle doors, which open up to reveal an interior that breaks new ground for the brand.

What is immediately apparent as you step inside the MX-30’s cabine is a sense of openness. This is complemented by a stylish blend of eco-friendly materials, innovation, and craftsmanship that ensure a desirable and comfortable environment for driver and passengers alike. Mazda Stories was given a guided tour of the highlights of the MX-30’s cabin as Program Manager Tomiko Takeuchi and Chief Designer Youichi Matsuda explained the inspiration and thinking behind their stunning new creation.

“The mx-30 is about providing a place where people can really be themselves and enjoy their time.”

Tomiko Takeuchi, Program Manager


One area where the MX-30 is a major step forward is in its use of environmentally friendly materials. The most obvious is Heritage Cork in the console tray. Because cork is extracted from bark it can be sourced without felling trees, and Mazda has been careful to use only excess cork left over from wine bottling. Recycled raw materials from bottles are also used for some of the cabin plastics, while there is approximately 20 percent recycled yarn in some of the fabrics used.


The MX-30 takes Mazda in a whole new direction, and according to Matsuda, this was one of the key elements he took into consideration right from the outset. “I decided I shouldn’t care too much about what has been developed in Mazda previously,” he says. And this desire to provide something different has been successful, says Takeuchi. “The MX-30 will allow people to spend time with their car in a very relaxed and natural way. It is no longer a means of moving from one place to another, but it is providing a place where people can really be themselves and enjoy their time.”


The signature feature of the MX-30 offers a number of advantages for owners. The doors open wide—nearly an 80-degree angle—allowing easy access to both the front and rear of the vehicle. Installing child seats is made simpler, too. This wide aperture is also a plus if excess luggage has to be carried in the rear seats. And once the car is parked, opening up both doors allows occupants to get closer to their immediate environment while enjoying the comforts of the cabin.

“the feeling of being really comfortable is everything that is embodied in the mx-30.”

Youichi Matsuda, Chief Designer


One thing the MX-30 shares in common with other Mazdas is a layout planned around making the car completely natural to drive. But the cabin is designed to improve the experience of all occupants. The floating console enhances the connection between driver and front-seat passenger, while the rear seat gives occupants the feeling of being wrapped in. “The feeling of being really comfortable is everything that is embodied in this car,” concludes Matsuda.